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If you were to ask why The New Hughes Group?


We might begin by sharing our background; I have worked with over 5,ooo exhibitors over the last 30 years. First as they began to exhibit, then as they struggled with exhibiting or finally when stopped exhibiting. I kept thinking there had to be a better way.  Bob James and first started talking about this about 9 years ago, after an IAEE luncheon meeting. The more we talked the more we felt we share a similar vision but from a different point of view. He had worked with over 50 show organizers while at work in an ad agency, the largest general contractor, a registration company as well as running his own shows. It seemed that  between the two of us,we had experienced with what works and does not work in trade show marketing and believe the time is right to build engagement between organizers, attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Thus the NEW Hughes Group, as our first step we offer a suite of solutions design to solve many of the current challenges faced by exhibitors today.

We have created tools and a support system that do the work for you.

For lead gen –  GUARANTOR – a turnkey trade show lead generation system, guaranteed to deliver results

For cost control and ROI planning – PREDICTABILITY –  proven trade show budget and ROI planning software – www.predictability.us, know what to do before you go to the show

These are only the tip of the iceberg, let’s see if we can help

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